DuCroock' El Holandaluz' is a Dutch guitarist who has developed a new approach to psychedelic flamenco. What defines his music is how he incorporates flamenco techniques and sound into 'normal' verse-chorus pop arrangements. You can also hear his love for Pink Floyd and  Roger Waters in the many effects that he uses when working in his studio work.
His first Album, Psycho Body Flamenco, was released and positively received by music critics, proceeded by a European tour taking in The Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia and Italy.
In the following years, DuCroock has written three different albums for his other project, the rock band The Last Wave, in which he plays a variety of guitars.
The new album 'Sonidos Azules' is a follow-up to the first psychedelic flamenco album. This album contains more powerful Cuban percussion thanks to 3-Grammy winner Richard Marquez (Buena Vista Social Club). This album was released in the summer of 2022 whilst touring Spain, France and The Netherlands.

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